Before the moment of impact, think a little.

If you are a driver you are very much aware of this situation. There you are minding your own business going about your everyday life when all of a sudden someone else makes an error and then you are the unfortunate recipient. This leads me to the “Curious incident of Bruce Jenner”

Moment of Impact

I think what Bruce Jenner has done is very brave and courageous but he has spoilt so many things for me. I grew up in the era of American Pie and I remember “Stifler’s Mom”she become the gold standard of what some guys considered as the upgrade on the college cheerleader, or what an older woman over 40 should look and act like. She would be independent of her lousy probably cheating husband, she would have passion style grace and foxiness..O yeah!! A go getter, successfully doing her thing as she was no longer enslaved by society and men.

It seemed that there was a period when the term cougar and MILF (Mother I would Like to Fuck) was the words guys were talking about. Yeah, I know it sounds like guys were just living out their fantasies. But then Bruce Jenner transitioned and became Caitlyn Jenner. This was the moment of impact that everything I knew was thrown out of the window.

It raised questions as to if there were any real cougars or Milfs out there?

As his transition into Caitlyn was very convincing. If you had been asleep for a while and woke up you would think that he/she was a woman.

Caitlyn Jenner.Vanity Fair

He/she had all the attributes of the over 40 woman independent with style and grace until he/she spoke. But this is where I think there is something wrong. What happens to the real women who have had children had the lousy marriage or had a good marriage and have slogged away trying to get themselves in shape finding their style then all of a sudden the rug is taken away from them again by a man.

Could this be another more subtle way of men body shaming and re adjusting the male gaze onto women. Because as men “we had you as the woman in your prime but now we are going to show you how you should look in later life, we will again dominate women“..hmm.

Well, I am not going to get into the battle of the sexes here, my concern is little, even if this battle of the sexes is going on. I am more concerned about little people like me who just like admiring and appreciating older women who look good are amazing, independent strong. I don’t really want to be looking at a man trying to take this away from a woman. If guys want to dress in drag do it in a club but they shouldn’t have to rub it in women’s faces..