Crop dusting in public

Why do people feel obliged to let loose in public?
So what is it about public places and those areas which are usually cramped with a lack of fresh air? What is it about these places that makes others feel the need to let lose the fruits of their labour?

Many a time I have found myself on a cramped train only to be overcome by that warm stained air from the inner workings of someone else’s digestive system. When theĀ internal gasĀ gates have been opened at the

Hey! you like my smell

Hey! you like my smel

wrong time. Or is there something else happening here? Is there a primitive aspect of human behaviour that anthropologist are yet to unearth which could explain this need to unleash your natural inner ordour. Could it be a primitive mating call? Imagine Billy the cave man rocking up at a cave get together everyone is all cramped in jostling for position trying to attract the females of the group. Some men are carrying their latest catch on their shoulders whilst others show off their bundles of fire wood underneath each arm. But for the females there is no real way to tell if the mate is a match.

Then they all start to crop dust going around the cave unleashing the warm stinky odour that can only exist inside. The women do the same each primitive human whiffing and comparing the others inner smell until their is a match. There must be some truth in this as I know couples who are married or dating who don’t seem to mind their partners moments to the point where they can leave the bathroom door open.

So next time you are on a packed tube and you are overcome by that warm unpleasant odour just think maybe they are not your match. Or just shout out “hey we have aftershave and perfume now days”.