Is it me but…did you just see that!

Have you ever experienced deja vu? You know the moment when you feel like “hey I have been here before” or even when you see some one and think hold up, have we not met before. I have this thought that God is up there making lots of people in his massive factory picking features and types and personality and mixing them all up. He looks back on earth and says, “hmm, that one did not work, but I will take some of the good bits and add it to this one to create another one” But in the process I wonder if there are some glitches and duplication.

So there I was adamant that a movie I had just watched featured an actress that I had the hots for. However, in this film she looked much younger and youthful. I just assumed “ahh those Hollywood guys and their special effects” But as I was discussing with friends they decided to set me on the right path. “Dude its Zoe Salanda not Thandie Newton!”.

Thandie Newton and Zoe Salanda

Have a look for yourself these two actress if you told me they were related I would wholly accept that and move on. But they are not they are poles apart. No relation at all. This got me thinking could it be that in the pursuit of box office hits the movie and TV industry just go with types of people to ensure that we the viewers stay hooked. But then that must be really disheartening for the first actor who broke through. Imagine being an A lister then all of a sudden you find out that the industry is promoting a young upstart who just happens to look like, act like and at times sound like you. Another example is Denzil Washington and John Boyega.

John Boyega and Denzil Washington

So to become a celebrity do you need to just look like another celebrity. I am so confused. Could this be the reason why I am still not a major film star and just the everyday guy doing the 9-5, because I just look like me? If you want proof follow this link to celebrities who are not related but just happen to look like twins Follow this link> 

My other theory is, could this just be the consequence of years of celebrity inbreeding wild parties and random children to whom nobody wants to own up. Then these children dating their own cousins and or even brothers and sisters or parents without knowing. I know it sounds sick but how do you explain why everyone looks the same in the movies and TV?