Is there a reason for Yoga Pants?

What is going on with yoga pants?

Now I am not a greedy person, but if there is a party with a buffet I will definitely partake. Like anyone else we all will take a sly glance, a little pause take a cocktail sausage and one of those odd looking pastry thingys with a French name which has a hole with things stuffed within. As the party goes on you mingle, but always have one eye on the buffet table or if you are lucky and at a party where canopies are being whisked around by semi happy waiters and waitresses. So senses will heightened looking for  the fresh food platter and that waiter you have been so friendly to all night. Does this make you a glutton? Or merely someone who is aware of the surroundings and appreciates what is on offer.

So you ask where am I going with this?

Not actual image but for illustration

Well, there I was minding my own business enjoying my lunch.  Feeling slightly pleased that I had purchased the higher end of meal deals from the local supermarket.  The higher end meal deal consisted of the most expensive drink, kettle chips with the triple pack sandwich.  I was making my way to a quiet corner near the local park so that I could enjoy my mini picni whilst whiling away a few minutes. Then it happened, this woman walked past me. Now many people walk past me and I do not take any notice but this one got my attention right away. The reason why she caught my eye was at first glance I could have sworn that she was wearing body paint on the lower half of her body. Or these were just the tightest and finest leggings ever created. She was extremely toned and the leggings looked like skin. They were so tight I am sure I could see the goose bumps on her behind. I thought to myself is this a prank. As this woman is practically taunting me ..obviously she knows she looks good but really! why now when I am about to have lunch.

What does this international association of Yogi say about this item of clothing?

I mean if this is what you have to wear for Yogo how will this work for men?  It would be so wrong for men to wear yoga pants. Imagine, I mean male ballerinas were cod pieces but would this be a requirement for men wearing yoga pants. If not, then all the  bumps would be in the wrong places. This got me pondering could this be the reason why so many of my male friends have all of a sudden found a new love for yoga. I can now see the “attraction”. But I do not think men in Yoga pants will have the same effect for women. I am just getting over cycling shorts. Have a look at this amusing site that takes a side swipe at what men will look like in yoga pants..just not the same

But that brings me on to cycling there any need for anyone to wear these when not near a bicycle?