Where is my fifteen minutes of fame!

It was said a while ago that everyone would at some time in their lives experience fame. Be it a short spell or actual fame. This dream of fame and being immortalised within the four corners of the beautifully framed tv was in the reach of everyone. However,

80s Game Shows

I want that prize

since the late 1990s something has changed. Before, we the little people always could rely on light entertainment game shows where  we the public were the stars. Firm favourites like Family Fortunes, Play Your Cards Right and the Price Is Right. On these shows we could watch other randoms like you and I battling it out on a Saturday or Sunday evening in the hope of wininig prizes. From dishwasher to toasters. It was fun it was simple but if you were the lucky one then you got your 15 mins of fame.

But somewhere along the line some one invented this concept of celebrity. No longer is it just Family Fortunes it is now celebrity Family Fortunes.

Celebrities who have long past their celebrity use by date are now clogging up our tv schedules depriving us of our promised five minutes. I remember a time when Big Brother first started the draw was seeing real people trying to survive in a fish bowl but now Celebrity Big brother seems to draw more news headlines than the original show. Unless the housemates are prepared to do something beyond the realms of sanity. Either have live sex be abusive, what’s next murder? Or Love Island.

Anyway that’s it, I am going to start petitioning for my fifteen minutes. I don’t want to be a celebrity I just want the opportunity to be on a game show and be remembered as the guy who won all those prizes and now he is selling them on eBay…..